Handwritten menu tiles (as pictures) around a central logo

YaroYaro Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins
I was redirected to this forum by the smugmug support team, so I shall share my question with you and hopefuly we can work this one out. My website is www.bluesinberlin.com. Right now I have made a central handwritten logo because I want to keep a personal touch to this whole thing and what I wish to achieve right now are two menu tiles to the left and to the right of it (later maybe two menus to the left and two to the right). These menu tiles should obviously work as pictures and scroll down together with the logo.

Tom from the support team told me that in order to achieve this one needs to code a custom menu header. So are any smugmug-support-heroes willing to help me in my cause? My own knowledge is limited to the delivered content management system, since I do not know how to code css or html.


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