Anyone listen to Podcasts? If you know of a good one, list it here.

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I recently started commuting over a longer distance and to make the time pass, started listening to podcasts.
Some of the photography related podcasts I enjoy include Marc & Andy's "Re-Compose Podcast", "The Landscape Photography Podcast".

What are some of your favorites?

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    While not podcasts, I subscribe to a couple YouTube channels for Thomas Heaton and Nick Page. Always interesting and some great info from both of them.

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    Although maybe everybody has heard of this, I enjoy The Candid Frame by Iberionex Perello. Excellent interviews with all kinds of working photographers, some quite historically significant that I had not heard of.

    I have only recently started paying attention to YouTube channels, but yes I think Thomas Heaton and Nick Page are among the best there. Humble, low-key, speaking knowledgeably on shooting in great outdoor places, and LR/PS processing. For gear, Gordon Laing (Cameralabs), Kai Wong for comic relief. f64 Academy for color correction.

    There are way too many other Youtubers who don't know their subject well enough and sometimes spread misinformation.

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    Right! I forgot about Kai. He's a hoot to watch. Also Lok Cheung. Almost like good cop / bad cop. Both are on YouTube.

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