Lightroom Keywords nesting in SmugMug not fully supported?

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After much experimentation with nesting Keywords in Lightroom, it seems the smoothest with least side-effects is to use > to indicate hierarchy and therefore nesting. This is in many Lightroom examples and tutorials, and nicely displays as nested Keywords in LR.

Unlike forward or back slashes in Keywords which can have unwanted consequences, nesting character > seems benign, probably the reason Adobe uses it. I can use it in other photo apps Keywords to indicate desired heirarchy and they are nicely understood in Lightroom, displaying the desired Keywords nesting.

But, not in SmugMug, where the nesting character > seems to be rejected, simply removed from Keywords. That's a huge disappointment, breaking SM - LR integration. And seems an unnecessary restriction.

Can we get Lightroom's Keywords > nesting support fully into SmugMug?

Keywords values in 3 photos:

Trips>Yosemite>1988>Bear in camp
Trips>Yosemite>1989>Bear destroys camp
Trips>Yosemite>1990>Bear wins


                 Bear in camp
                 Bear destroys camp
                 Bear wins


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    SmugMug currently only supports a flat keyword structure. Many years ago i was using some photo managing software that also supported hierarchical keywords, but I set it up to use some other keyword metadata field for the hierarchical keywords to not have it interfere with the flat keyword structure on SmugMug.
    It's been years that I dealt with any of this, so could you perhaps link me to one of the photos on SmugMug that you added your hierarchical keywords to so I could take a look at what fields those are written to?

    If you'd like to see hierarchical keyword supported added in a future update, you could consider adding this to our feature request form. This is your direct line to our product management team who is actively monitoring the suggestions made and takes them into account for a future update.

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