Mini-Challenge #290 - Animals Exhibiting Emotions - RESULTS

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Thanks to all participants in Mini 290. As usual, some great photos were posted, making it very difficult to choose the best of the best. Here are my thoughts and the results:

@DavidRGillespie - Dave, I love the composition and clarity of Surprise (3 seals) and the chipmunk (?) sounding the alarm is a great pose!
@pegelli - Pieter, those affectionate horses shot is wonderful .
@lkbart - Lillian, three great shots of the tigress. She does look intimidating!
@grandmaR - Your worried Costa Rican monkey most certainly looks worried!
@Herman Auer - Just Being Protective - looks very protective and intimidating. I don't think I'd mess with her pups!
@JAG - Joyce, I don't think I've ever seen a wolf smile, but somehow you've captured a beauty!
@GuyLeFlea - Hostility is a very descriptive shot and Patience is beautifully understated.
@jwear - Jeff, all three of your shots are amusing and well done. The shot of the duck enjoying the sun is special.
@double_entendre - The eagle caught in the act - his expression is wonderful.
@bfluegie - Barbara, The narcissistic Swan - love the colors and the pose.

3rd Place - @DavidRGillespie - Worried Otter. I just love the expression on his/her face!

2nd Place - @double_entendre - Disconcerted seals. I love how all three are eye-balling you - maybe you should be the disconcerted one!

1st Place - @JAG -Joyce, your insanely happy dog ready for a road trip got my funny bone and appreciation for a well-captured portrait!

3 "Road trip!" Insanely happy dog

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for a fun mini. And Joyce, the ball is now in your court!


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