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Caught this lil one flappin' around behind the rental cabin while in TN. During our trip back home, I'd rented a Sony G-Master 100-400 and slapped it onto the A7Riii. Shooting in crop mode gives a 600mm focal equivalent, and it's safe to say that hand-holding is a real chore. BUT, it can be done, as you can see in the pics. I'm putting my money on the moonshine helping out with these shots. lol

One thing I love about the 100-400 G-Master is how it absolutely smashes the background with compression. There were times I had to crank up to f/8 just to make some sense out of the background, rather than just a smeared blur of goodness. I think I'd buy this lens, but not before testing out the Sony G-Master 600mm prime glass. Granted, it's several thousand dollars more than the 100-400, but I must rent it before I buy anything.






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    I would love to get shots of a bluebird. So far I've snapped shots of robins, grackles, cardinals, finches, jays, sparrows, starlings, mockingbirds, pigeons, doves, vultures and hawks. No bluegirds yet. I live in KY.
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