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What is the meaning of the "Processing" field? I need to know when I can update the image's title and other metadata, and was told that I should wait for "Processing" to become true. But in my experience, "Processing" is always false.

There's been a longstanding bug wherein the title of a replaced image is lost, so I have my app go back to re-fill in the title, but if I do it too quickly, it's re-overwritten by bad data. Hence, I was told to wait until "Processing" becomes true, but images I uploaded a year ago still have "Processing" set to false.



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    Hi Jeffrey,
    Could it be that the advice you were given was the other way around? While I'm not yet very familiar with the API, if a photo has a processing thumbnail after uploading, it means it's queued for processing and not yet done. Once processing is done, that processing goes away and we display the actual photo.Then internally the processing lock on the photo is also removed.

    Normally you don't really see those processing thumbnails as photos are basically processing as soon as they're uploaded. So it's only when our systems are a bit busier that you may see this.

    The next time I run into a photo waiting for processing, I'll try to check on this.

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