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On my smugmug galleries, I have a bunch of pictures that I took with my cell phone and uploaded directly to my smugmug account. I have all the pictures I took with my dslr on my PC, backed up. I am trying to find a way to find and download only those cell phone pictures so I can have them saved locally. Is there a way that I could search by exif and batch download them? I've found some guide online but they all reference a "refine search" button that doesn't seem to appear on my account


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    The first thing I suggest trying is to turn on visible filenames (temporarily). Smartphone filenames tend to be distinctively different from dSLR filenames, making the phone files pretty easy to find.

    Login to your Smugmug account:

    Gallery Settings
    Appearance tab
    Show Filenames - "On"

    When you go back to the "Photo Organizer" view, look at the filename prefixes and note the differences.

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    Also in the Organizer, if you toggle full thumbs on, not square, the 3x4 vs 2x3 ratios will show.
    Common ratio difference between smart phones and dSLR's.

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    That helps find some of the pictures, but I still see no solution other than to manually download each one. I've tried some of the third party batch download utilities linked elsewhere in this forum but all the freeware ones at least seem to be dead. Any suggestions on that front?
    thanks for the replies
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    A relatively simple solution is:

    Create a temporary gallery in the same folder as the source Gallery which contains the identified files you wish to download/backup.
    Switching back to the source Gallery, temporarily move the desired smartphone files to the temporary gallery. You can select multiple files and move them as a group.
    After moving all of the desired files, download the temporary gallery.
    After the download finishes, move the files back to their source Gallery.
    Delete the temporary gallery when you're finished with it.

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