Mini Challenge 291~ Got My Eyes on you! ~ Results

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Thank you all who entered, you all did well with your entries!

@slpollett #1 and #2 stood out to me, I wish that #2 would have been brought up just a touch in brightness, especially in the eye color (not sure if you like to do post processing, but just a suggestion in case you do.). Sugar is a very beautiful Siamese. We have a mixed siamese (see him in my original post on the challenge), quite the crazy cat!

@Cavalier #1and #2 images are my absolute favorite of what you posted! And no, it's not an antisocial to only have animal pictures! Who knows, maybe you are the next Dr. Doolittle!

@DavidRGillespie #1 bee images is spot on! Very nice work on capturing him at such a close view and keeping it sharp.

@grandmaR You have a very interesting take on eyes. It is interesting on the different generations of eyes. I like #3 image of your self portrait. Very mysterious as well as the graininess makes it more like a poster for a scary movie.

@Herman Auer Your eagle picture is impressive. I know it is difficult to capture flying birds, this one looks like he was flying right to you! Kudos on a one of a kind shot!

@shawnc Both of your images are over the top gorgeous! I could really see the stork image as a high end art print hanging in a gallery. Kudos!

@pegelli #3 image, I love the look of distain or maybe it is indifference, on the cat's face. He looked to be annoyed enough to attack you, did he?

@lkbart #2 laser eyes is intriguing. Hard to take my eyes of him!

@bfluegie #2 Skitz eyes are incredibly beautiful! They look like a "tortious" color blend. Kudos on a great shot of your kitty.

Honorable mentions:



3rd place goes to @bfluegie , The eyes of this kitty are so pretty!

2nd place goes to @DavidRGillespie , this is a well captured image. Kudos!

1st place goes to @shawnc I struggled on which one I liked the best. Both images you entered are first place worthy! So because of not being able to pinpoint which I like better, I will say kudos for both images, you have the first place win with either one!

So it is up to you @shawnc to set up the next challenge. Let me know if you have any questions! Congrats to you and to all who entered!!


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    Congratulations to @shawnc - great eye shots. I think my favorite is the owl. :smiley:

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    Thanks for a great challenge Joyce @JAG. I really enjoyed looking at all the photos. What a great theme. Big congrats to @shawnc. The photo of the owl was definitely my favorite. The eyes are great, and the crop really shows just enough of the face to emphasize them. Congrats also to @DavidRGillespie for second place and to the HMs @Cavalier and @grandmaR. Oh yeah, thanks also for selecting my photo of Skitz for third. He always tolerated me pointing that clicky thing at him, but not always gracefully...

  • DavidRGillespieDavidRGillespie Registered Users Posts: 819 Many Grins

    Great challenges! Thanks so much, Joyce, @JAG for the feedback and third place. Congratulations to to @shawnc. Those were two great photos of eyes. Great framing for both. Congrats to @bfluegie for third, and @Cavalier and @grandmaR for HMs.

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    Congratulations to @shawnc for winning this mini with two great photos. And also congrats to all the other honourable places and mentions. I especially liked GrandmaR's grainy shot, very different and really worthwhile!

    And last but not least thanks to JAG for a nice mini and all the detailed comments. Well done!

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    Congrats to all!

    Herman 😃

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    Thank you Joyce for your interesting idea and for picking one of mine for HM. There were so many good photos that it must have been hard to pick.

    And thanks to everyone for the compliments. (The grainy-ness is I think due to the fact that it was a film picture - that's one thing we have lost by going digital. I know everyone here knows that, but sometimes people who have only done digital do not understand that and think it is some kind of fault. Which it can be)

    I too like the owl best.

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    Wow, What a pleasant surprise. Congrats to all who participated and was mentioned, there were some wonderful images. Thank you to all the fine comments.
    The Great Horned Owl was taken in Alaska while on vacation. The Brown Pelican was taken years ago while living in Florida.
    Since I am new to these challenges, please allow the weekend to think of a challenge for the next round.

  • NCPHOTOSNCPHOTOS Registered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
    Congrats Shawnc!
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