Bulk keywords synchronization from caption ?

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I recently started considering keywords and dynamic galleries on my smugmug site. Alas, I have quite a big collection of photos and I add captions after upload (I do not use Lightroom). Although keywords can be automatically generated from file names, it seems like there is no way to convert captions into keywords, which could be a convenient way of tagging my (mainly wildlife) photo collection (more than 5000 photos).
Could there be a way of achieving this ?


  • JenuineJenuine Registered Users Posts: 154 SmugMug Employee

    This is not a current option. One of the reasons is we are limited to 100 keywords per image while captions are unlimited so creating keywords from captions could be problematic. Captions themselves are searchable and don't have to be separated as keywords.The search function would return similar results, though not in the "keyword gallery" format.

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