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Hi I am new to all this so hope I'm not simply repeating previous conversations. I have skimmed many pages of discussion but can't find the ultimate answer.
Emails to smugmug heroes ahve been swiftly and courteously answered but somehow I've not been able to get to the bottom of it SO
I want to display my iamges using the collage landscape format but when one clicks on a thumbnail I want the lightbox to be pretty well like the display in the journal style i.e. Large image (but not too large) and underneath (not across) image the following
Copyright Info
Keywords (not essential)
All the other IPTC info could be avaialable by clicking on something but actually that's of no concern to my customers so can be ignored.
Apart from that I would like a clear symbol or label to make it obvious how to get back to the gallery and its thumbnails, and maybe to got to homepage likewise.
I would also like the normal right and left triangles for navigation to previous/next image. Attached image shows roughly what I want, although without the navigation I mentioned.
So is there a css script that can deliver that or something similar and showing my complete ignorance, where would I paste it please. I'm ok with html but the SM system is beyond me at present.

Many thanks



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