Isle of Skye - the Quiraing

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One of the most unique places I've visited, the Quiraing offers an utterly spectacular view across the Isle of Skye (Scotland). The first two shots were taken in November 2019, the second two shots were taken on my first visit back in November 2015 on a VERY wet day!

1) It can be photographed from all sorts of places but this is my favourite viewpoint

2) On the image above, you can see a small road winding up the hill on the right hand edge. This is that road

3) Taken back in 2015 on a very overcast, dull and wet day. I had hoped to retake this shot as I like the angle, but by the time I had taken the first shot and returned here the lighting was too harsh (Shooting into the sun).

4) This last shot was also taken a few years ago on the same day as the shot above. This lone tree sits awkwardly right on the edge of a large drop off. I'm not particularly keen on the shot if I'm honest but thought I'd include it here for completeness!

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