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I have a custom domain on my smug mug site, which causes browsers to consider my site third party. i do a decent volume in sales, but a growing percentage of my customers are complaining that they can't check out. Smug Mug Heroes tell me this is because they have third party cookies disabled and that Safari specifically is blocking third party cookies. So far, the product team is working on a fix - but has anyone found a work around? Like code for a pop up or something to enable cookies for this site? I asked if using my yourname.smugmug.com address to share links would make a difference and the heroes couldn't confirm. I can't be the only one. Help please.


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    Hey There,

    This cannot be solved with a popup unfortunately. Safari for example uses this option: https://cloud.photom.me/nOukpRkP which will break many websites that use cookies on different domains. You have a custom domain on your website and the shopping cart is on smugmug.com domain - so your visitor's cookies have to be transferred from one domain to another. With that Safari option turned ON - cookies cannot be transferred. Best thing is to turn this option off in Safari.

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