Smugmug SEO competitive with Squarespace or Wordpress?

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Question: Based on your understanding of SEO, does Smugmug offer the SEO capability of more general web building sites like Squarespace and Wordpress?
If not, how do they differ and what are the implications?

I'm considering moving the headshot-sales portion of my Smugmug site to a different vendor, while continuing to use Smugmug for portfolio, delivery and print services.

Thank you.


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    I'm not familiar with SquareSpace, but I do know WordPress. I use WP for my website only using SM for my galleries. IMO, WordPress is WAY better SEO-wise than SM. Sorry SM. One big negative I see for SmugMug is there is no way to have a page title <h1> and have a separate title element (The one that shows up in the browser). Using a SEO plugin in WP is simple.

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    This is my biggest issue with smugmug. And it is a big issue. It is the one thing that is seriously making me consider leaving smugmug. As pointed out by others, Wordpress - which is free - is simply miles better at SEO. I currently have two other sites and two blogs (all wordpress). I probably work hardest on my smugmug site and have followed all the advice about SEO for smugmug. Yet my Google placement for my smugmug site is terrible compared to all my other sites. As an example of how bad it is, I can enter a search term specific to my smugmug site (e.g. colin munro images scotland) which is the name of one of my galleries here, and ALL my other websites, blogs, links to things I wrote ages ago will appear way before my smugmug site. My website finally appeared on page FIVE of Google, but not the Scotland gallery. Smugmug looks great, no doubt, but the number one thing a website should do - get you found - I have to give it zero out of ten. This does not seem to be an area of any activety. The main SEO article was last updated nearly two years ago! So come on guys - this needs to improve. I don't want to leave smugmug as I've put a lot of work into my site, but right now SEO simply does not work.
    Smugmug site: www.colinmunroimages.com
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    These posts are so old and out of date. Does anyone monitor this stuff?
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