iPad Full Screen Mode - Very intrusive X-button

BosseBosse Registered Users Posts: 7 Big grins

If I go to Full Screen Mode on my iPad using Safari browser a very big grey box with a white cross appears.
Is it possible to customize this? To me it's far too intrusive.
Here is an example:


  • Hikin' MikeHikin' Mike Registered Users Posts: 5,439 Major grins

    Sounds like you already have some custom work. To my knowledge the gray box is added in CSS.

    To be fair though, I don't own a iPad so I just resized my browser. My site doesn't display that. Can you post your site?

  • leftquarkleftquark Registered Users, Retired Mod Posts: 3,781 Many Grins

    The big grey X on the upper left is added by iOS/Safari when you go fullscreen on an iPad. We reached out to Apple to see if they'd let us customize (or even hide) it and their response was "not at this time."

    We debated disabling Fullscreen mode on iPads because of this but decided the experience of being able to officially go fullscreen on an iPad (and remove Safari's grey URL bar) was better than preventing fullscreen. The "X" closes fullscreen and covers up our "Close Fullscreen" button ... since they do the same thing we thought that was "OK" too. The only downside is that the "X" never hides itself, so if you went fullscreen and play a slideshow, that stupid X hangs around.

    Fingers crossed one day Apple lets us hide it.

    If y'all would rather we disable fullscreen mode on iPads, we can also go that route (but the feedback when I asked last time was "no, don't do that!")

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