Event Registration Client Confusion - Multiple Registrations

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I've seen a few other users post feature requests regarding the Event Registration process. Many of my event clients get confused by this process after registering the first time. They forget about, or didn't read the fact that they were sent an email with a "special link just for them". I know there is the "Not your first time?" verbiage at the bottom of the registration page, but it is very inconspicuous. The next time they go to the event page they don't see that small text ... at the bottom of the dialog box ... and register again and wonder where their favorites are, and then contact me, or just give up and don't say anything, which is worse. I would like to suggest the following ...

Simply move the verbiage that says "Not your first time? ... " to the top of the box in bold or red or something more visible. I didn't even see it for a while.

The bigger feature request is this if they deleted the email, or can't find it...

- Can't find the email? Enter your email address again and click this button
Clicking the button either ...
(1) resends the email
(2) pops up another dialog box with the link to their special event gallery


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