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Using the SM publishing add-on in LR Classic. Used LR people tagging to tag photos. Our family has lots of "Bill" first names and lots of "Gempler" last names. I published all of them, and when I search for my uncle Bill Gempler, I get all photos with a Bill and a Gempler in it, not just those with my uncle Bill Gempler in them. I've tried quoting and not quoting in the SM search, same result.

Has anyone found the "correct" way to do this to make the search do what you really want, find all the photos with a particular person in them? I want non-techy relatives to be able to search, so using bill_gempler or something non-intuitive like that is not ideal. Thanks


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    Key words will pull all contents that have the same keywords added. Special characters, dashes and underscores are removed. Prepare your keywords by separating keyword phrases with a semi-colon or comma, Uncle Bill; Bill Gempler; for example.

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    Not sure that solves my problem. For example, if I have two photos, one with Bill Gempler, and the other with Bill Escher and Leo Gempler, if I type in "Bill Gempler", it will find both photos, when I want it to only find the first.
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    Underscores are NOT removed . I use them in place of dashes on hundreds of keywords.

    Searching for single names like "bill" will pick all, singles and inside full names. "Bill" Edgar Jones.

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