Delete - "Watermarks don't appear on final products" text in Buy Menu ???

ShinryaShinrya Peter StewartHong KongRegistered Users Posts: 178 Major grins

Hey chaps,

As per the title, is there a way to delete the line of text about watermarks in the buy menu for prints?

I have a very very faint watermark in the corner for my preview images, but 99% of viewers won't even notice it, it's just there as a way to track any rips/screenshot use of my work across the web.
So, ideally I'd prefer the line not to appear in the buy screen as it's just one more distracting piece of text that I find unnecessary.

Any way to delete it, or at the least hack it to make the text color the same as background e.g. white text on white background.

Domo Arigato!


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