two insect images

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One of the benefits of overwintering my more tender plants in a greenhouse is that there are inevitably some insects carried along. These were on one of my oregano plants.
I shot these with my Nikon D7100, a Nikon 105 mm macro lens on 70 mm extension tubes, with a Nikkor EI 50mm f2.4 reverse mounted on the front. Both were shot hand-held, with two Nikon SB700 flashes diffused through styrofoam coffee cups.

Leafhopper nymph (cropped to 2000 pixels wide)

Small aphid - probably a first-instar, and likely not green peach aphid. I suspect this is Myzus ornatus, the violet aphid, but I will have to wait for some adults to be sure (cropped to about 3000 pixels wide)


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