MINI-CHALLENGE #294: Reflections desired - RESULTS

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After considerable deliberation I have come up with winners for the mini. Let me tell you, judging was not an easy task!!! I could have easily picked five or six winners.

First, some comments (and remember, these are all just MY opinions):

1. "Traveller"
something about the crop of this picture bothered me – my eye tended to focus on the big air vent on the upper left side
2. "Self-Portrait (reflection in print of Eggleston's tricycle)"
This photo made me chuckle! I have many self-portraits like this, although most are unintentional. 😊
I appreciated the fact that you posted your camera type and settings – I always find it interesting.

1. Soap bubble and mirror
A wonderful shot – great timing and composition. I kind of wish the entire bubble had been sharp but that is really quibbling.
2. Rum lake on fire
beautiful, love the sharpness of the trees in the water
3. Bayamo, Cuba, reflections after a rain
I couldn’t quite find the compositional focus of this photo.

1. Tioga Pass (Yosemite NP) - Lake Tenaya winter abstract reflection
I like the beautiful softness in photo but something about the crop/composition doesn’t quite tick my boxes
2. Old Highway 40 - South Yuba River
This is an interesting shot but I’m not such a fan of the Photoshop-paint effect.
3. Sugarpine Reservoir, Foresthill, Ca - Skipping stones.
I love the muted colors, and the human element of the stone-skippers. That one splash is just great!
In all three I had a slight feeling that the horizon was very slightly not straight, although I appreciate that each one had inherent straightening difficulties.

1. Canyon off of Powell Lake
nicely framed, lovely colors, the extremes of light and shadow are very well handled
2. Wasilla Lake reflection
beautifully serene, good balance of water/sky/clouds, good pp work
3. Lake Powell AZ, reflection quake
I like the way you’ve caught the wake of the boat, bringing motion and life into the frame

1. Curiosa shop window reflection
this is a fun capture, the extreme angle, so much to look at, and a mystery reflection to boot
2. Who's afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue
I really like the composition of this one – slightly abstract and mysterious. The strong down-light from the streetlights (?) is very well handled
3. MAS, Antwerp
so abstract I couldn’t tell what it was! But cool.

1. Taken in the fall…
2. Fall reflection in lake
lovely shot, nicely processed, love the clear water, but am slightly torn by the crop. Although I see that you were going for the rocks in the foreground and the clear water, there is part of me that wants more sky. Looking at the picture for a while gives me a slight feeling of claustrophobia.
3. Fall river reflection.
Lovely photo but for my taste the processing is somewhat heavy-handed.

21st birthday selfie – great shot, love the composition and the period look of the piece
1. Fun House Selfie (which is really my reflection in a pot lid)
2. Squeaky Clean Selfie
3. Penultimate Selfie (reflection in a gravestone in a monument company yard)
All three are very imaginative and I especially love the humor in #3!!! You are so creative!

1. This one is from Sunset in Pine Top, AZ, Rainbow Lake.
Wow! Very orange!! I could have wished for a bit more depth of field.
2. Boat Slips
Nice shot - I love the symmetry here
3. "Reflecting on a Moon Rise"
Although the exposure’s a bit noisy, I really like the composition of this shot.

Three wonderful shots that all exactly fit the brief of this mini. I especially like the compositions of #1Golden palace near Kyoto, Japan and #2 Reflections in Bruges, Belgium.
I’m glad they weren’t entries, it would have made the decision-making process even MORE difficult!

1. Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway in southwest Virginia
I really get a great “time of day” feeling from this picture – it’s so muted it’s almost monochrome and very evocative. How wonderful to get such a great reflection in the dusk.
2. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC
Although this photo doesn’t have the stunning beauty of some of the nature shots here, this is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for – a reflection that tells a story. I find the picture moving.
3. 9/11 Memorial in Jersey City, NJ
Like #2, a moving subject and an interesting reflection but the angle of the photo didn’t sing to me.

1. The sky is watching
This shot really made me smile! I love how the cat’s eyes are exactly in the empty space between the treetops.
2. Lights on the Bayou
Kudos for the night shot – lovely colors
3. The Upside Down
I remember this shot from an earlier post of yours – really brilliant!

First the HMs, which were all quite remarkable in one way or another:
@DavidRGillespie 2. Rum lake on fire
@JAG 2. Wasilla Lake reflection
@keithhorkins 2. Fall reflection in lake
@shawnc 3."Reflecting on a Moon Rise"
@moose135 1.Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway in southwest Virginia
@lkbart 1.The sky is watching

A special prize for humor goes to:
@grandmaR 3.Penultimate Selfie (reflection in a gravestone in a monument company yard)

For ** Third Prize**, there's a three-way tie. I know it's unusual, but I just couldn't decide:
@DavidRGillespie 1. Soap bubble and mirror

@Cavalier 3. Sugarpine Reservoir, Foresthill, Ca - Skipping stones.

@pegelli 2. Who's afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue

Second Prize goes to:
@moose135 2. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC

First Prize goes to:
@lkbart 3. The Upside Down


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