Two photos from a canyon

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Criticism is always welcome.


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    I like them both but I prefer the second photo, I think because of the contrast between the rocks and the water / reflection.

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    Hey Don, I like both of these, but like Denise I like the second better. In the first one, although I like the composition of the different rock textures and colors and the flowing water surface with the orange-y reflection, there is something about the angle that just very slightly bugs me, but I can't really express why.

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    Denise, Sara, thanks very much for the comments.

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    I also like them both a lot. The rocks have very neat colors and textures, and the light was about right for giving a great sense of depth. I prefer #1, because the orange is more subtle. In #2, it steals the show a little from the beautiful rocks for me.

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    kurzvorzwoelf, thanks. The orange area is the reflection of a canyon wall that was lighting up. You're right that the challenge with number 2 was to keep the orange area from stealing the show. I slightly increased the saturation of everything else and reduced the saturation of the orange. The orange is still a bit preemptive but then it was to my eye as well. :)

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