Search appears to give access to password protected folders/galleries?

lfeiwellfeiwel USARegistered Users Posts: 19 Big grins

Can I limit the Search link option to selected galleries or folders?
I've only found search working site wide...either on or off. If off, I can't search for anything, if on, people that access the site, can use the search box to find photos in password-access galleries, without knowing the password? What am I not understanding, doing incorrectly? 'Search box access' via Home Page setting retrieves pictures from galleries that the user cannot access?



  • Lille UlvenLille Ulven Lille Ulven ScandinaviaRegistered Users Posts: 540 Major grins

    Just two questions, that might solve the riddle:
    In the gallery settings of your protected galleries under Security & Sharing, did you by chance enable Web Searchable and/or SmugMug Searchable? That could explain, why you can search for protected photos as well.
    Or do you happen to be logged in while searching? - That might overwrite the "don't search protected galleries" setting for your website too.

    Good luck

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  • lfeiwellfeiwel USARegistered Users Posts: 19 Big grins

    Thank you. I now see how to give/limit search access by playing with the Web/Smugmug searchable options at Folder/All/each gallery Levels.
    I still can't see the search option, on a footer, because even though My Footer setting is on, and in anticipation of having an RSS feed, Privacy Feeds is on, but still 'no' Footer appears...A problem for another day...Regards.

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