How can I disable selling?

jimhjimh MinneapolisPosts: 73Registered Users Big grins

I have a Portfolio account, but want to temporarily disable the selling option and have no "Buy" buttons appear anywhere. I've looked all around in Account Settings and can't find out how to do this.


  • leftquarkleftquark SmugMug Product Team Posts: 3,706Administrators, Vanilla Admin, SmugMug Product Team SmugMug Employee

    The Visitor Shopping Cart is disabled in Gallery settings. You can do these in bulk for your entire set of galleries by going into the Organizer and choosing to bulk edit your galleries. Keep in mind that as the owner you can always buy your own photos, so the buy button will still be displayed for you.

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  • jimhjimh MinneapolisPosts: 73Registered Users Big grins

    Thanks. I need to do this so I can post links on some other sites - where otherwise they're considered spam.

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