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Hello, I previously added a bunch of keywords to my photos in Galleries in SmugMug. I now need to download the galleries (mostly to add/change file names) but am finding that whether I download the entire gallery via ZIP or a single image, the downloaded file doesn't contain the keywords. Is there a tip or trick to get the metadata (mostly keywords, but also location data) to be included in the downloaded images?


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    Unless something has changed, the images you download are exactly and precisely the images uploaded. Any changes you make at Smugmug are ignored. Hopefully someone from SM will jump in if that has changed, but they (wisely in my opinion) elected to never touch the "original" image and the original is what comes down in the zip.

    This is one reason I've always been a strong proponent of "one version of the truth", and one should never edit anything on Smugmug, but rather in their own master library (in lightroom or whatever their DAM of choice is).

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    @Ferguson is correct. One feature request that I've heard a few times is "let me have an option when I download to bundle in my changes." That way folks who want their original photo back, can get it, and those that want their changes included, can get those.

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    You can use PicBackMan to download your SmugMug collection to the local computer.PicBackMan will maintain your folder structure and photo metadata like Title, Keywords, Captions in the migration process. Please give a span and try PicBackMan:
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