How many folks use this site?

Third_SonThird_Son Registered Users Posts: 30 Big grins

Since I have only been here for a day, it doesn't seem like it garners much activity? How many folks per day use this site?


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    ziggy53ziggy53 Super Moderators Posts: 23,866 moderator
    edited January 30, 2020

    It's not about quantity, at DGrin, ...
    It's about "Quality"!
    Quality people, quality images and quality experience!

    "Balloons!" is off to a great start!

    Moderator of the Cameras and Accessories forums
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    slpollettslpollett Registered Users Posts: 1,196 Major grins

    There used to be a lot more activity, but that has fallen off a bit in the last few years. However, as Ziggy said, the QUALITY of the responses to questions, images, sharing of experiences, and all around great folks is top-notch. Welcome to dGrin!


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