Expanding menus on mobile view - expand from hamburger menu = menu, sub menu, sub of sub menu

heidiannemorrisheidiannemorris Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins

Dear All,

I would like visitors to be able to expand ALL the depths of menus beneath my sub menus in my mobile view.

Please see screenshot of current mobile view. The green + marks are the menus I want to expand on mobile, they are "Bags of Love UK" and "Redbubble Store"

These menus already expand on desktop view.

How do I do this please? Can I do it by inserting CSS code into the content block that covers my entire site? If so any idea what code I should use?

I wish to retain the hamburger menu. When tapped it currently shows the main menu, then the sub menus. The sub menus of the sub menus are static.

I want it to show menu, sub menu, sub of sub menu when the + beside the words are tapped and collapse them when the + is tapped again


Thank you in advance, Heidi


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