Cool Ducati 959

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Shot with Canon 1DX with 400mm 2.8 IS


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    Pretty bike! From pictures point of view, the background is bit too busy in most of them. Last one is best to me! Cheers!

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    I'm liking the comps, but I question the choice of using a 400 on these. A 135 or 70-200 would gain better results and allow more neg space around the cycles. I get that it thoroughly blurs and bokehs the busy background, and that is needed here, but it also hinders the beautiful subject with very shallow DOF.

    You did the Ducati justice by selecting your best comps, which I really like here. The second to last is my fave, as it is pointed towards the viewer.

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    I should have clarified, i just picked up the 400mm a few weeks ago and i have been testing it out. I love the 70-200 also. I am messing with the DOF and digging some of the results. I do agree about the neg space. I found myself way down the street to take the shot. A few with shorter lenses. Thanks for the feedback!

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