List/Export All Settings

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edited February 6, 2020 in SmugMug Feature Requests
I am trialling SmugMug, and trying to assess the differences between subscription packages. For example, between the Basic and Power packages, I seem to have some web customisation settings that I'd lose by signing up for the Basic plan. These settings are not detailed anywhere that I've seen. So a list of which customisation I'd lose would be very helpful in making a decision. At present, I suspect the difference is imaginary, rather than actual. I'm unlikely to sign up for a Power plan if I can't tell exactly what the differences are.

Secondarily, once I configure a website I can foresee a time when I'd want to transfer those settings to another account - e.g. a client - without having to go through a long process of noting every setting on every card. So the option to list/export one's settings would be very helpful there too.


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