Combined Keyword Search Limits and Other KW List Bugs

MotoriderMotorider Registered Users Posts: 60 Big grins

I don't think I can understate the power and appeal of combined keywords to me! Offering this to my users should be as simple and intuitive for them as it sounds:

1) Select a KW from a MAIN LIST of all my KWs and view all pics with that KW.

2) To see a subset of pics with that KW and an additional KW, they can select it from the RELATED KW LIST ('Combine With') displayed at the top, and so on and so on until they have filtered the pics as needed to find what they are looking for.

But somehow SM has managed/decided to bugger up this incredible feature. Here's how:

1) RELATED KW LISTS LIMITED TO 10 RANDOM ADDITIONAL KWs: The number of KWs in additional KW lists needs to show ALL KWs that are associated with the main KW chosen, not just 10 random KWs.

2) SORTING: Additional KW lists are in no particular order. These should be presented to users the same way as the main KW list, in alpha-numeric order.

3) FORMATTING: All KW lists are stripped of my formatting (characters actually removed) and displayed in lower case. ie: 'Laminate (HPL)' becomes 'laminate hpl', 'Garage/Shop' becomes 'garageshop'. Is it too much to ask that the formatting I used on my KWs be carried through onto my website?

Hopefully someone here can provide some assistance on how to get this to work as expected.

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