Combined Keyword Search Limits and Formatting

MotoriderMotorider Jack of all trades....Registered Users Posts: 60 Big grins

1) RELATED KW LISTS LIMITED TO 10 RANDOM ADDITIONAL KWs: The number of KWs in additional KW lists needs to show ALL KWs that are associated with the main KW chosen, not just 10 random KWs.

2) SORTING: Additional KW lists are in no particular order. These should be presented to users the same way as the main KW list, in alpha-numeric order.

3) FORMATTING: All KW lists are stripped of my formatting (characters actually removed) and displayed in lower case. ie: 'Laminate (HPL)' becomes 'laminate hpl', 'Garage/Shop' becomes 'garageshop'. Is it too much to ask that the formatting I used on my KWs be carried through onto my website?

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