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I have a number of older mp4 video on my site that will now not play when using Google Chrome. Newer files play correctly and a new upload of one of the older files also plays correctly.
The problem exists on desktops other than my own (different setup, different brand video cards, etc. However all video play with MS Edge and Apple Safari.
I have tried removing all Chrome Extensions, completely removing Chrome and reinstalling it. Nothing I have tried has resolved the issue with playing older MP4s but Chrome operates correctly in all other respects.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Could it be a Smugmug/Chrome problem relating to older MP4 files?
I did raise the question with SmugMug support a few days ago but did not get a reply.
Thanks.....Phil Ryan.......


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    I believe SmugMug very recently updated the way they play videos, and the update has bugs. The SmugMug December/January release notes blog post calls out the update, which was the first I was aware of it. It was perhaps in response to the "first 14 sec of videos are blurred" thread in the Bug Reporting forum. At the end of that thread you'll see my recent post citing a variety of bad behaviors, including ones that match yours. Some fraction of my videos don't play on Chrome either. The little spinning wheel spins eternally. Oddly, if I leave the gallery, then return to it and play the same video, it generally plays normally.

    I looked at your gallery using Chrome, and on a few of the videos I sampled, not all, I saw that same behavior. I also checked several of your videos using Firefox. All played.

    SmugMug has some issues to work.

    Jim Ringland . . . . .
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    Seems to much better now. Still same take long time to focus but most a few seconds.

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  • PhilPhotoPhilPhoto Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
    Thanks so much for your advice. At least I know that it is not something I can fix.
    Most of my "old files: still do not play with Chrome. It certainly seems only applicable to Chrome and strangely a couple of my "old files" do play correctly with Chrome. I had noticed the blurred beginnings as well.
    My options seem to be to see if Smugmug responds, delete and reload the problem MP4s or just put my video files elsewhere online.
    Thanks again.
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