Sad Excuse for Keyword Search

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This has been discussed in other posts like this one,

...but unless I'm missing something about how to use a search box, I believe this item definitely deserves it's own bug report because of just how downright poorly it works.

My question for SmugMug is: Why would you have a KW search box that doesn't help users find KWs with things like auto-populate while typing or only returning similarly spelled searches? For example, when I search Allen's site for partial spellings of 'Phoebe' (which I can see is a KW because it's yellow while I'm hovering over it in the list) I get mixed results, none of which make me feel sure I'm seeing all the pics with that KW.


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    Looks like you need a whole word.
    phoebe also find all phoebes.
    Edit: err .. Searching "phoebes " is actually 5 short, must of missed "phoebes" on a couple.

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