Sad Excuse for Keyword Search

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This has been discussed in other posts like this one,

...but unless I'm missing something about how to use a search box, I believe this item definitely deserves it's own bug report because of just how downright poorly it works.

My question for SmugMug is: Why would you have a KW search box that doesn't help users find KWs with things like auto-populate while typing or only returning similarly spelled searches? For example, when I search Allen's site for partial spellings of 'Phoebe' (which I can see is a KW because it's yellow while I'm hovering over it in the list) I get mixed results, none of which make me feel sure I'm seeing all the pics with that KW.


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    edited February 8, 2020

    Looks like you need a whole word.
    phoebe also find all phoebes.
    Edit: err .. Searching "phoebes " is actually 5 short, must of missed "phoebes" on a couple.

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    The search is ruined. First, they made it where you had to click to find the search vs it being right on the top. Now, it makes zero sense. It was perfect when you typed in a keyword, then clicked photo, gallery or folder. Why would you change that? It made perfect sense. Now, it won't return anything of use.
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