deriving a separate subset website from my existing one

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I am considering creating a new SM site that has only a subset of the material on my current site, which is My idea is for the new site to initially inherit the infrastructure of my current site (including its modified theme and existing HTML and CSS augmentations). Then, I would populate the new site with a handful of galleries, some which are already on my current site, updated About page, etc. My current site would continue to function with its current content. The new site would operate on a new custom domain.

I'm hoping that getting such a derived site operational will be straightforward and quick. Once it is operational, I may further customize it, diverting from my current site, but I'd like to have it operational quickly.

What say?



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    If you create a 2nd SmugMug site then you would have to build it and customize it independently of your current site. The customizations can not be transferred over to a new site. Depending on what the customizations are it may be a quick process or it may take some time. The Support Heroes are more than willing to help you as you set up the new site. Just email us at [email protected] and we will help you if you get stuck with the customization process.

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    Thanks, Teach. Your comments are consistent with the advice I've gotten from another such Hero. The logistics sound somewhat awkward, but I'm likely to give it a shot.


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