question on LR plugin to upload to Smug

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My main catalog is at home. I use the plugin to upload to my smugmug acount.

I am in FL for a few months. I am using LR but created a new catalog on my MBP. Can I upload with lightroom plugin to my Smugmag account and keep everything in sync when I merge this temp catalog with my main catalog when I get home?

Or, would it be better to wait, merge with my mail catalog, and then upload to smug?


  • allanrubéallanrubé Major grins Nashua, NHRegistered Users Posts: 107 Major grins

    That should be main instead of mail catalog.

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    edited February 13, 2020

    It should be fairly easy to get everything into your main catalog and sync with smugmug but Lightroom is pretty clunky in this area. The way I handle edits on my laptop making it to my pc where photos (and my main catalog) are stored permanently is to export photos to a new catalog, which I then import into my main catalog. I move the photos from one computer to the other across my network, separately from Lightroom. Then Lightroom will tell you it can't find the photos, since the folder path will probably be different between the two computers. Just takes a few seconds to tell it where the correct folder lives on the main computer. Finally you can sync the smugmug structure (shouldn't need to sync photos) on the main computer and all should be working... I think. I may have missed something in the process, but once you're ready to get everything synced up, I'm sure we can get it working.


  • allanrubéallanrubé Major grins Nashua, NHRegistered Users Posts: 107 Major grins

    Thanks Dave. I think it will be easier to wait till I get home.

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