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I can upload FROM Luminar direct to SmugMug but I'd like to see a way to open a SmugMug photo FROM Luminar by creating a Luminar compatible catalog.

As things are added and removed from SmugMug that SmugMug created catalog Luminar is using stays in sync.

It does not automatically save the edited file back on SmugMug, allowing pristine originals to remain on SmugMug without any possibility of them being overwritten. The edited versions are saved in the Luminar catalog or can be uploaded to a separate SmugMug gallery of finished photos manually as it is now. (Losing the Luminar history of edits that remain in the Luminar Catalog in the Luminar library.)

Presently Luminar can make a catalog of the Apple Photo Library by copying the file called ORIGINALS inside the Apple Mac Photo library but there is no updating the source images in that catalog unless I write a macro to copy that Mac Photo Library Originals folder every night. But making a new catalog erases all the Luminar edits that were done prior to copying over a new copy of originals. (Basically it sucks. That is why I want some type of connection between SmugMug and Luminar for the Luminar Catalog to make a very easy workflow from the two programs without giving up any features of either.)

Or as an alternative in Mac create an OS X compatible Finder Add-On so a right click on a photo in SmugMug shows a menu item called Open in Luminar. Which is faster than downloading the file from SmugMug and then using the Open Single Item menu in Luminar.

Bottom line, I am hoping for SmugMug to better integrate to Luminar 4.


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    Hi @fogcitynative, I'm pretty familiar with Luminar but I'm having trouble following what you'd like to do. Are you saying that as you edit photos in Luminar, you'd like the edited versions to be automatically sent to SmugMug? And if you edit the photo again, then the updated version would get sent to SmugMug, with all versions of the photo saved on SmugMug (the original, plus all the edits as separate photos)?

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