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I am struggling with this a bit, so don't shout :-) I have a Goggle Analytics account and a Facebook Ad Account. I have added my Google ID into Account Settings-Stats-Google Analytics box and the site is reporting correctly to Google. I now want to add some Facebook advertising campaigns that can access my site, so that I can make conversions equal to when someone adds a photo to cart etc. I believe that you need to embed a Facebook pixel into a Google container for this to work? I am struggling to get anything to work as Facebook does not seem to be picking up my site. Or simply, the ability to add a Facebook pixel into Smugmug would be idea. Anyone know how to do this or seen any good tutorials how to set this up.


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    In compliance with California’s new privacy rules (CCPA) we’ll be switching over how we implemented some of the trackers. Facebook pixel is one of those that has been effected by these changes. Until we can find out how to use it in compliance with those laws we had to disable the pixel product.

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