MINI-CHALLENGE #296: Sunrise, Sunset - RESULTS

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Thank you to everyone who entered. I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. And as several of you suggested it would be, generating the results has been difficult. In reality, many photos were worthy of first place, and that made things hard. Since I enjoy reading all the comments, I figured I should do my best to comment on my favorites, so this is a long post. In fact, it was so long I had to post it in two parts. I'm just to wordy to edit it down... So, the actual results are in the next post.



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    @JAG – All three of your photos are great. The rich color of Capitol Butte in Sedona along with the blush of color on the clouds is lovely, and Hunting for Breakfast is just amazing. I feel like I’m the next seagull in formation. But my favorite is Sunset ride in Key Largo. I really like the textures of sea, sky and rocks as well as the overwhelming color.

    @grandmaR – Purple Sunset in Costa Rica is lovely. The color gives a feeling of calm and coolness (probably a false coolness in Costa Rica). And the texture of clouds in Blood Red Sky is really great. My favorite of your entries is Mallory Square Sunset. With the light peeking through the dark clouds at the top, the pretty aquamarine color of the sea, and the ship sailing toward the partially obscured sun it’s a great composition.

    @pegelli – I really like the layered clouds and silhouetted foreground in Orange Sky on Skye and the hints of color in the clouds of Early light and vanishing clouds. But my favorite of yours is definitely Misty morning. The gradual transition from blue to gold in the sky and the strong vertical elements (reeds and tree trunks) combined with the curve of the pond and the softening of the mist really work well together. I get a strong sense of being there when I look at this photo.

    @Cavalier – Stettler, Alberta Sunset is definitely my favorite of your entries. I really like how the horizontal banding of the clouds is matched by the reflection and even the lines of waterfowl. The thunderclouds are pretty amazing and hopefully the fact that they were illuminated by the setting sun means the storm was about over. The sky in Yellowstone sunset is really awesome too. The dark and light areas of the clouds really add some texture.

    @sarasphotos – You were so right about the difficulty in judging, and I had particular problems with your photos since I like them all about equally. I think that I have to give Sunset over Lake Garda a slight edge because of the glow and feeling of warmth in it. Also, there is just enough detail in the silhouetted mountains to give a sense of distance. San Simeon Beach sunset is also lovely, and I really like the feeling of coolness in the Lake Taho sunset shot. And another thing, I know I have said it before, but I really envy you that balcony view.

    @Lab_Tested – We do sometimes enter our photos in these minis even if we have posted them before. I personally try to not repost too soon after having entered and I also don’t like to enter a photo that has placed before. That’s not a rule, though, just my personal preference for my own photos.
    I don’t see black and white photos of sunsets very often, maybe because color plays a prominent role in sunsets. But I think you chose well for Storm Clouds Over Colorado because the lack of color emphasizes the power of the storm clouds. I really like the blush of color on the clouds in Great Smoky Mountains at Dusk. But my favorite is Last Light San Diego. I like how the tops of the waves catch the light and the pier ending and bird (gull or pelican?) are both almost lined up with the sun. It really draws the eye to the setting sun.

    @RalphMoon – I think your Grand Teton sunrise photo is my favorite. Even without warm colors you can tell that the mountains are illuminated by a low sun angle, and I get a chuckle out of the viewers taking the easy way out by staying inside. Also, that looks like an amazing place to stay. I think I’m jealous. Vajradakini toward sunset definitely takes the prize for a different take on the theme. But it also is definitely within the parameters I set for the mini. I really like the warm glow. San Pablo Reservoir is another different take, showing the low angle illumination without dramatic color.

    @shawnc – Your three great entries made it hard to pick a favorite. I really like both the lightning shot and the Florida sunset, but I keep going back to the Oregon Coast shot. The stream leading to the ocean, the strong foreground elements and the softening effects of the mist on the distant cliffs really appeal to me. I just added another place to my "must see" list.

    @Third_Son – I really like the minimalist feel of the sailboat shot. And the Super Nova shot is really cool too. If that was my car I’d be wanting a print to hang on my wall. But my favorite is South Haven Lighthouse. It may be a more traditional sunset shot, but it really does capture the end of a wonderful summer day at the beach.

    @moose135 – That sunrise must have been amazing to watch. The detail in the clouds almost looks like paintbrush strokes and the colors are great. The car race shot is definitely different than the typical sunset. You were in a great spot for observation, and it couldn't have been easy to get both the exposure of the sky and the lighted arch. I think my favorite is Sun and Moon set. I really liked the intensity of the color and the shape of the clouds at the horizon, along with the crescent moon of course.

    @lkbart – Wow, that red sky in your first photo is dynamic, and appropriately titled, and I really like that you were able to get the eclipse photo near sunset. I tried to see an annular eclipse setting into the Pacific once—standing there in the drizzle and finally when my watch said the sun had set I (and the other optimistic geeks) left. Otherwise I have only seen eclipses overhead. But I keep being drawn back to Early Flight. I really like the way the edge of the wing parallels the bright edge of the cloud and the way the edge of the wing is also illuminated. It seems kind of abstract, but still identifiably a sunrise.

    @DavidRGillespie – Broughton Archipeligo is so dramatic. I really like the way the dark blue top and bottom frames the bright and contrasty sunset with kayakers. This was my favorite of your photos. I really like the warm golden color of Spring Island and the way the sun is coming from behind the mountain in the Patagonia photo. But I’m going with the drama.

    OK, now for the really hard part. I thought about flipping coins, random number generators, and even making a deck of cards out of the photos and dealing out the winners. Then I considered a twelve way tie but that would just be chaos. So in the end I just went with the ones that made me say WOW the loudest. This is totally subjective and doesn’t reflect the actual merits of the photos, just how they made me feel.

    Honorable mentions – basically my favorite from each person (in posting order):
    @JAG Sunset ride in Key Largo
    @grandmaR Mallory Square Sunset
    @Cavalier Stettler, Alberta Sunset
    @sarasphotos Sunset over Lake Garda, Italy
    @RalphMoon Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, sunrise
    @Third_Son South Haven Lighthouse
    @lkbart Early Flight

    Third Place (a 3 way tie because I just couldn’t narrow it down any more):
    @pegelli Misty morning

    @Lab_Tested Last Light San Diego

    @moose135 Sun - and Moon - set on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    Second Place:
    @shawnc Sunset at Cape Lookout, Oregon Coast

    First Place:
    @DavidRGillespie Broughton Archipeligo

    So Dave, the next mini is yours. Whew! I think I'll take a nap now.

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    Barbara, you did a spectacular job judging the entries.. Some amazing photography going on in this Mini! I so agree with your picks of David's Broughton Archipeligo for first place. Congratulations to all 3rd place, 2nd place and Dvaid for the win.

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    Second Place:
    @shawnc Sunset at Cape Lookout, Oregon Coast
    What a job you had Barbara! Some wonderful images to enjoy! Wonderful critiques on every entry. Thank you.
    Congratulations to all of the entries and mentions. Congrats to First Place: @DavidRGillespie Broughton Archipeligo - Wonderful Capture
    Third Place (a 3 way tie because I just couldn’t narrow it down any more): @pegelli Misty morning - I agree, all three are compelling.
    There is nothing I love more as a photographer, than happening/stumbling on to a beautiful colorful sunset.
    My partner and I had spent an entire week on the coast of Oregon in complete awe of the amazing scenes that were presenting themselves.
    One problem I was having, "Overcast" skies on the coast almost every evening, so no chance for a sunset.
    On our last evening, we hiked out to the end of Cape Lookout and back. We began exploring the beach and campgrounds when I noticed a light orange glow beginning in the sky.
    I finally had a sunset! The beach was so picturesque already, it was a "no brainer" shot that turned out lovely.
    Thank you again for allowing me to share.

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    Thank you for running the mini and doing the evaluations and thank you for the HM. I didn't expect it, so I missed that you had given me an HM on the first time through. I took lots of sunsets in the Florida Keys and so I knew from looking at the clouds when it would be a good time to go down there.

    Looking forward to the next one.

    “" adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
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    Very nice job on the commentary and the judging. I am amazed at the quality of the photos everyone brings, so big congratulations to the winners.

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    An awesome job of figuring a winner in this round Barbara @bfluegie ! Thank you for your comments too. Congrats to all the winners, especially @DavidRGillespie ! I look forward to the next round!

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    Thanks Barbara @bfluegie for taking the time for all of the comments and for judging this difficult contest. Congrats to @DavidRGillespie for the win and to the 2nd and 3rd placers as well. David, I'm looking forward to the next mini!

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    Thanks Barbara @bfluegie for selecting my images for first place among a set of totally awesome images, and for the great comments. Congratulations to the @RalphMoon for second place and @moose135 @Lab_Tested and @pegelli for third and everyone else too. I would not have wanted to judge this mini! Everyone had great images. I will get the next mini up and running shortly.

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    Awesome selection. Thanks to everyone for the entries!

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    Great mini Barbara! Thanks for the wonderful commenting & great choice of winners! Congrats @DavidRGillespie for the top place! Awesome picture for so many reasons!

    A photograph is an artistic expression of life, captured one moment at a time . . .
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    Congrats to @DavidRGillespie for winning this with a very fine shot. And thanks to @bfluegie for a fine mini, great comments, good judging and choosing one of mine for the honourary places.

    Pieter, aka pegelli
    My SmugMug
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