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Hi to all.
Not sure what I want to do is possible.
In my field of work, I am working on 3, 4 or 5 different projects per year. Each project with different colleagues.
I have to share galleries, web pages and folders related to each specific project with the right colleagues.
But I cannot use any password or access restrictions. My colleagues do not want any of it.

So what I do is:
* create one folder/project.

  • Create many galleries in this folder.
  • Then create web pages that I share with them.

What I want to do is:
being able to create a specific menu that will appear only in the web pages and galleries in this specific folder/project, but won't appear on the galleries and web pages of my other folders/projects.

But it seems that any menu I create appear on all my web pages and galeries , unless I customize each and every page and gallery. I do not have time for this.

It seems counter-intuitive to me. Surely I can create a gallery template per project, with its own menu. Yes?.



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    Where are you putting this menu? Body, heading, sidebar, etc.
    You need to add it for the entire site then hide it everywhere you don't want it.
    Also hide your regular menu where this goes if you want.

    You can add it using "parentnode" in CSS to only show this specific menu in this specific top folder and all children below.
    Something like this:

    .sm-page-widget-xxxxxxxx,  /* hide new menu everywhere */
    .sm-page-parentnode-xxxxxx .sm-page-widget-xxxxxxxx,        /* hide site wide menu in children of folder/project */
    .sm-page-node-xxxxxx .sm-page-widget-xxxxxxxx {display:none}  /* hide site wide menu in top folder of folder/project */
    .sm-page-parentnode-xxxxxx .sm-page-widget-xxxxxxxx,        /* show new menu in children of folder/project */
    .sm-page-node-xxxxxx .sm-page-widget-xxxxxxxx {display:block}  /* show new menu in top folder of folder/project */
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  • rougetaureaurougetaureau Big grins MontrealRegistered Users Posts: 29 Big grins

    Thanks for the reply and the code.
    I must admit: I am trying to escape the core of testing and coding. Congrat's to those who can customize their pages this way.
    I used to not be afraid by lines of codes, but I guess I do not have the energy anymore.

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