Why do my Galleries not match the rest of my pages?

beardedlogicbeardedlogic Registered Users Posts: 23 Big grins

I go for spans of time without looking at my site, and I just noticed that my Galleries do not match the ?theme? or ?format? of the rest of my site. The background is grey and the fonts are wrong. I searched here for similar posts, but I don't know the terminology well enough to find it. I imagine this is a simple fix; I thought I had everything matching, but I checked the site a week or so ago, and it no longer matched. I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!

https://www.barefootedintherain.com/ <- the way header that I want on all pages
https://www.barefootedintherain.com/Events/NHBCVal2020/ <- A Gallery sample that has the wrong look

PS I'm not even looking at the mobile site yet. I'll be back for that in a few weeks/months. LOL

Won't know where I'm going 'til I get there.


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