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pilotdavepilotdave Major grinsRegistered Users Posts: 778 Major grins

I just noticed that on my phone, keyword galleries no longer provide a link to where each photo is located to see them in context. This is a big hit to site functionality. Is this the intended behavior?



  • JenuineJenuine Big grins Registered Users Posts: 109 SmugMug Employee

    Are you using the app or the browser view of the Gallery? If you would like the Support Heroes to take a look reach out to them at, [email protected] with the details.

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  • JtringJtring Major grins CaliforniaRegistered Users Posts: 559 Major grins

    I'm seeing the same thing on the web browser (Chrome under Android on a Pixel 2). Oddly, smart galleries, which can be based on keywords, do show source gallery links.

    The reference to the app seems mis-aimed, at least for the Android version of the app. When viewing a photo logged-out in the app, one can't even see keywords, much less access keyword galleries. Logged in, one can see keywords and edit them, but still can't link to them to create keyword galleries.

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  • pilotdavepilotdave Major grins Registered Users Posts: 778 Major grins

    Thanks jtring. Correct, I'm only referring to mobile browsers, not the app. It's a generic question, not related to my particular site.


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