Smugmug lightroom plugin keeps randomly finding modified photos to reupload?

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I am mass applying a user preset to my photos, and publish the collection. Upon reviewing a photo (even just clicking on the thumbnail in grid view) it shows up as being modified... this click takes a few seconds to register the change. Am I doing something wrong? Is lightroom publishing a copy of the picture without the user preset, and then after I click on it, it applies the preset and then wants to upload it again? That seems to defeat the purpose of mass applying a preset, no? Or is there something else causing the problem?


  • JenuineJenuine Big grins Registered Users Posts: 109 SmugMug Employee

    If the images were initially published with the preset, it should be applying to the images within Lightroom and publishing the images with the preset already on the images. If you are applying the preset to already published images, and then republishing the images it might seem like the change is happening on SmugMug, but actually it is LR that is applying the preset and republishing the images that will make the preset apply. If you have further concern about it reach out to the Support Heroes, [email protected] and they will be happy to assist.

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