Cherry Blossom in Sapa - Vietnam

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Attempting to see snowfall in Sapa Dec 2019 - spending a night at 10 311.6798ft above sea level.
It was an unforgettable experience that I ever had. I was planning to see some snowfall in this region which rarely occurs in Vietnam. But after checking weather forecast which said the temperature would drop down to -3 degree celsius in Sapa and the local also said that It was positive to see snowfall. I obtained permit to stay overnight on the roof top of the Fansifan (also known as the roof top of Indochina). Regular tourists will be asked to leave before 6PM.
I joined other photographers, who were there excited to see snowfall as much as I was, and stayed at the highest point of the mountain.
After the sun set, nightfall came, temperature began to drop fast. it was -5 and then -7 and - 9 The air was thin and pressure was high. -9 degree celsius at 10 thousand plus ft would be much different than on ground level. The cold was unbearable.
But there was no snow for the next three days. Our attemp failed.
It was sunny but freezing. Did not had a chance to see snow. So took these photos in the city center instead.

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