Sharing a page that is made up of linked galleries

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I am trying to create a page that can display photos in subgroups with dividers and titles.

This page is for "places we have lived" and shows each City in separate groups on the same page, so by scrolling down you see the various cities and the images. The actual content is not finished as I have years of old 35mm negatives to scan for the old photos LOL.

I cannot see where to share an image here on this site, so I could not post an example.

I was able to make that page by 'adding content' and using the "Photos - Multiple Photos" and also using "Design - Separator". I created the page and linked the various sub galleries. When I look at it (logged in to my account) it looks the way I wanted. However if I share the link (with password, same password for all the sub galleries) it only displays the top image of the page and none of the sub galleries. HOWEVER, if I instead use the link for one of the sub galleries, enter the password and display it, I see that sub gallery on its own page and if I go back to the main page I wanted to share and enter it, it shows the main page and the SUB Gallery I just logged into. So as I did the same with each sub gallery I could see them populate that main page. This is hard to explain I guess.

So bottom line, if you have linked galleries on a custom page, who do you set the main page's security to INCLUDE all the linked pages?



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    Hi Mike, to make sure we give the right information to you and can see how you have things set up, can you write to the Support Heroes, hel[email protected], and let them take a look to advise the best practice for what you would like to have set up?

    SmugMug Support Hero
  • AronisAronis USARegistered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
    Thank you. Will do.
  • AronisAronis USARegistered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
    Got it all set. LOL. thank you SmugMug Support, man that was FAST turn around on SUNDAY! WOW!
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