Cannot create "stand-alone" SmugMug page

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Let me apologize up front if not using the correct terminology and clumsily explaining my issue. I'm a long-time SmugMug user (Power account) but have only worked with folders and galleries...not pages. I'm trying to create a page that will contain a subset of my existing galleries. I want to be able to share this page's URL with others without them being able to navigate to other areas of my SmugMug site. However, when I created the new (and only) page, it seems to inherit my home page menu. This menu bar is an "Entire Site" object (red in color) so if I remove it or change it, it impacts the entire site.

Let me stop there and get feedback on what is probably an obvious oversite on my part. Thanks in advance for your help.



  • rpwoodjrrpwoodjr Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 19 Big grins

    Solution found by utilizing the Hide Owner function.

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