Not all Account Settings are showing in the menu

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I needed to view my receipt for my last SmugMug subscription, so I logged in. No problems there. Check.
I click the three dots next to my profile pic and click 'Account Settings.' Perf. All normal.
But some of the optoins in Account Settings are missing. I can't remember what the all are, but I know one was 'Business' and that one is gone. Sales was another, I believe. There are now only two showing. ???

Someone just please tell me I'm an idiot and clicked the wrong button, or that SmugMug changed some setting, and somewhere else I can view past subscription data, sales data, etc.



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    You should be seeing a lot more settings than those. Could you share some information about the computer/device you're using?

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  • OmahaMamaOmahaMama Registered Users Posts: 27 Big grins
    edited March 19, 2020

    See attached screen cap for device info.

    I've logged out and logged in again, same. I've tried Chrome and Internet Explorer.

    I then reached out to you heroes here!

    Thanks in advance.


  • OmahaMamaOmahaMama Registered Users Posts: 27 Big grins

    I know things are nuts in the world, but any progress on this?

  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Administrators Posts: 14,197 moderator
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    @OmahaMama said:
    I know things are nuts in the world, but any progress on this?

    Have you tried reaching out to the SmugMug help desk?

  • OmahaMamaOmahaMama Registered Users Posts: 27 Big grins

    I have not -- but I will now. Thanks, @denisegoldberg !

    In case anyone else is having the same issue, I will report my findings on this thread.


  • rainforest1155rainforest1155 Registered Users Posts: 4,566 Major grins
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    This is what you see when you've logged in with the assistant password on your account as assistants won't be able to have any access to your account settings.
    If you don't recall having another password, it's possible that you set your assistant and account owner log in password the same.
    To resolve this, on the log in screen (after logging out), pick the "forgot your password" option, enter your email on file for the account and when you receive the password reset instructions via email, set a new account owner log in password.

    If you're using a password manager to log in, also check that you're updating the password in it after setting a new one.

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  • OmahaMamaOmahaMama Registered Users Posts: 27 Big grins

    That worked, so thank you!

    It does seem very strange that it was working fine one day, and then not the next. When I was resetting my password, I noticed SmugMug increased the minimum number of characters required for a password, which isn't a bad thing, I just wonder if that is perhaps why the problem arose in the first place.

    Thanks again!


  • JenuineJenuine Registered Users Posts: 155 SmugMug Employee

    When one has an assistant log in permitted on the account it is easy to forget that the passwords for the admin log in and the assistant log in are different. If ever you can't see the Business section of the Account Settings it is a sure bet that one has logged in as the assistant since access to those things is prohibited with that level of log in. Glad that the situation is righted now for you.

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