DGPF Account Registration -- Specs for User Name should be Displayed like Specs for PW

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:/ I just registered for a DGPF Account and was immediately irritated by the interface. I entered a Use Name of Tom Panfil. After composing my reason for wanting to join I submitted my application. It was immediately rejected! The reason was that there was a space in the proposed User Name. This is terrible User Interface Design.
If the Forum has specifications for User Names it should post them like it does for Passwords, so that one can comply.
If one violates the specification for User Name he should get immediate Feedback the way that immediate feedback is provided for Passwords.
If one doesn't comply with User Name Specifications and submits his request anyway, and the site burps back his request with a big red background box, it should PRESERVE the rest of the data which the person had entered.
In my case the site rejected my initial request due to a space in my proposed user name. When I tried to correct my entry by placing the cursor to the right of the space in my User Name and clicking the Delete Key, the site jumped back to the screen prior to the registration screen. I used the Forward Arrow in Firefox to get back to the Registration Screen. I was then quite disappointed to see that the form had preserved only: 1) Entry into the Location Screen; 2) The entry into one of the Password Fields. I was irked that I needed to compose my reason for requesting membership again.
Please correct this very sloppy user interface. It has wasted an inordinate amount of time for me, mostly due to the work of submitting this discussion item. This silly problem probably disgust others too, and some may not bother to try again, judging the forum to be poorly designed.
I suspect this this shabby treatment is also given to those who try to register with a User Name which is already in use. Fix it for them too!
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