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I may b doing something wrong, but I find that if I edit data on a photo in SmugMug, like adding keywords, I do not get that info when downloading that photo from SmuMug to my desktop. Am I doing something wrong (besides possibly viewing SmugMug as more than a Photo Display and Sales Site?

On a similar track, I have many photos in my SmugMug Source Folder (Years...By year taken.) I then distribute those photos to a multitude of albums via Smart Album Keyword identification.

If edits made in SmugMug were included in SmugMug's download offering, Is there a way one could download photos, that haven't previously been changed or downloaded, making the downloads sizeable/manageable.
Rather than redownloading each year's, with their hundreds of 20Meg photos (just in case SmugMug disappears, or has some unanticipated problem)
I only want to keep a backup of Smupgmug photos offline. Or, upon seeing a missing keyword, enter it outside of SmugMug, and then reupload it?

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    When returning your photos to you, SmugMug doesn't make any changes to your file -- the exact file you gave SmugMug is the file it returns to you. There's been a feature request to have an option to embed any changes into the file first -- I'll note your vote for it.

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    I'll vote for this !!

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    I vote for this too. I like to archive my photos in multiple places but don't want to lose any descriptions I've added to the photos on the site. Thanks!
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    I know this isn't an ideal solution, as many of you have thousands of images uploaded to your Smugmug account, but the method I used recently was to go through folder by folder and download all of my public facing images.

    I then used Adobe Bridge to update all the metadata as a grouped batch for Copyright info/status/notice/URL, usage terms, source address (apparently useful for the new Google search licensing message), author, e-mail, address.
    Then one by one went through each image updating keywords and descriptions, making sure document title was set.

    Quite a bit of work, but now all my images share a common labeling setup, and fingers crossed may help with Google searches, or SEO in some form.

    To re-upload to SM, I simply deleted the old images, and batch up-loaded the new ones in their place.

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