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I am starting a large project of scanning over 2000 old photos. I would like to buy a scanner somewhere under $300. I plan to upload to Smugmug without going through several complicated steps. Are there any scanners out there that you would recommend in the price range of $150 - $300 that anyone might recommend? Most photo's are 4 x 6 but there are several larger photos. Thank you. Robert


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    I was really hoping someone with more scanning experience would address this first, but let me start:

    I presume these are all Photographic Prints, correct? (Not halftones or other ink-printed images?)

    Color and B&W?

    Are you seeing mostly glossy prints, or a mixture of print finishes?

    When you say some are larger than snapshots, what is the largest?

    If you can't scan the largest, do you have someone you trust that could scan the few largest ones?

    Do you have any other projects which might require scanning? If so, what do you anticipate for those needs?

    Have you considered using a digital camera, a couple of external flashes and macro lens along with a copy stand and cover-glass, to do the copying?

    What is your level of understanding about gamma vs contrast? Dynamic range vs lightening/darkening? Capture exposure?

    What are your expectations for image quality? Are you hoping to do any enlargements?

    Are you planning to do post-processing and editing, like image repair, color correction, etc.? If so, what is your experience level?

    Anything else you can tell us to describe your needs? The more detailed your description, the better we can help.


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