Tool wanted for automatic iCloud Photos to SmugMug backup

ManuCHManuCH Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
Hi everyone,
as the title says, I'm looking for a tool, a script or whatever, which would allow me to automatically backup my iCloud Photos library to SmugMug. "Automatically" being the keyword.

Currently the only way is manually uploading every gallery using the Mac uploader, but that's a very tedious process. I guess some Automator kung-fu coupled with a smart command-line script using the API would do it, but I'm not sure if something like that exists.




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    Hero JackieHero Jackie Registered Users Posts: 18 Big grins

    There is not a tool that exists currently, that I know of. I'm not sure about an API workaround. Maybe someone here in dgrin can come up with a script.

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