Burlesque Show poster image

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I not only perform with (occasionally) the local burlesque troupe, but I get the treat of photographing their content from time to time. It's whimsical, overdone, and outrageous, but so are their shows, so all must match for continuity.

The gals told me beforehand their theme was 'naughty fairytale' and that they wanted something forest dream-like for their poster ad. We strolled around the property, scoping out locations that might work, and the final selections actually came from the most crowded, awkward spot of them all. Go figure!

Anyhow, here's the before image. Note the tablecloth draped over the trees to the left, blocking the sun from leaving spots all over the gals. They were standing

And here's the final image for the poster. The poster itself is littered with words and details about the show, so I'm just showing the image file instead.


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