Disabling Menu Link while keeping Sub-menus clickable

dipanjan94dipanjan94 Registered Users Posts: 83 Big grins

Hello, my website is https://www.dipanjanpal.com/

In the Menu, I have a tab called "Recognition". For this one, I wish to disable the clickable link and I want someone to be redirected to the submenu when they hover their cursor over it.

Also, in mobile devices, if anyone clicks on "Recognition" from the Menu, I want the sub-menu to open.

Currently, clicking on Recognition leads to "https://www.dipanjanpal.com/Recognition" and basically I wish to disable that, allowing the current sub-menu to stay.

How can I do this?


  • AllenAllen Registered Users Posts: 10,004 Major grins

    Leave the link blank.

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  • dipanjan94dipanjan94 Registered Users Posts: 83 Big grins

    Hello, I'm sorry I'm new to this so I don't fully understand about where to leave the link blank.

    Could you please explain a little? Like in my menu, if I leave it blank, how will it select the appropriate submenus?

  • Hikin' MikeHikin' Mike Registered Users Posts: 5,444 Major grins

    Like Allen said, just leave the link blank, or in your case, delete the URL link. Your submenus will be fine.

  • dipanjan94dipanjan94 Registered Users Posts: 83 Big grins

    Hey Mike, I did this and now when someone hovers cursor over Recognition or clicks on it, nothing happens. The sub-menus don't show. I've kept it like that in my website now, can you please take a look? Thanks!

  • Hikin' MikeHikin' Mike Registered Users Posts: 5,444 Major grins

    You must have removed the submenu then. I just added a non-link and two gallery links under it and it works fine.

    If you still have troubles, you need to contact the help desk as I can't see "under the hood" of your site, but they can.

  • JtringJtring Registered Users Posts: 666 Major grins
    edited April 17, 2020

    Can I interject here? There are two different ways to create a submenu. Hikin' Mike and Allen are referring to one of the methods. I suspect dipanjan94 is using the other. As a result, there is some confusion. Both methods are described at the end of the help page https://help.smugmug.com/create-a-navigation-menu-r1A7xlDkNrM

    Method 1 for creating a submenu: nesting. You start by creating what will be the nested (submenu) entries just like regular menu entries on the Menu page. Then, one-at-a-time, you drag them from the bottom of the regular list (or from wherever they are) to right under the menu item you wish to have them as submenu entries for. Then drag the item a little to right to create the sort of indented display Hikin' Mike has. This nests them. Using this approach, an empty link for the parent menu item then does what dipanjam94 desires.

    Method 2 for creating a submenu: automatic sub-links. Link the top level menu item (the one for which you want the submenu) to a folder with several items inside. On that parent item's link set-up page, click "Include Sub-Links". That then creates a submenu entry for each item contained in the parent menu item folder. I suspect this is what dipanjan94 is using. With this approach, top level item link will go to associated folder's webpage. That's just part of the structure of this method. The fix is to move to Method 1.

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  • dipanjan94dipanjan94 Registered Users Posts: 83 Big grins

    Thank you so much Jtring, you got it correct. I was using the second method and hence the automatic sub-links were disappearing.

    Now I did what Hikin' Mike suggested and it worked smoothly. Thank you so much everyone for helping out, really appreciate it!

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